Barrage Bash
Spell Profile:

Main Caster:

Andy Prayitno


Magic System: Formula Elfinion
Category: Attack
Type: Shooting/Bombardment
Power: SS
Range: A+
Casting Speed: C+
Japanese Name:


(Barāji Basshu)

Barrage Bash (バラージバッシュ) is one of the Andy's powerful spells and one of the his powerful signatures. In order to use Barrage Bash, he must combined his four spells, Tyrant Shooter, Typhoon Cannon, Missile Barrage and Gatling Barrage, where he fires a barrage of beam shot, beam cannon, missiles and bullets to one or multiple targets and its capable enough to piercing any barriers but eventually cause the mayhem. However, with Radar Guide, Andy was able to freely guided Barrage Bash to multiple targets.

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