Fullbring is Suzuka's Ability in Brave Duel and the Organ known as "Fullbring Core". It can Transform Suzuka's Barrier Jacket to Fullbring Jacket. In Chapter 4 Suzuka's Right Arm was nearly frozen and went almost Berserk but appeared with a Fullbring Jacket. Nanoha and Arisa were shocked, they saw her in Fullbring mode. Alicia introduced her Fullbring Jacket. She can use Fullbring Powers like Wings and other Powers.

How this happened... Edit

Suzuka, Arisa and Nanoha were fighting against Viruses that are corrupting the Brave Duel Programm. As Suzuka felt something cold and shocked to find frozen ice on her right hand stuck and began to freeze her right hand. Suzuka felt pain in her heart and went almost berserk but a black-purple-light on her chest starts glowing and goes Fullbring.....

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