(魔道騎士ダイナミックる嵐. Madou Kishi Dainamikkuru Arashi) is a spin-off of Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.

Plot Edit

Arashi the strong-willed earthling freshman, find himself in netherworld Entier after save a two cats (who actually familiar) from his bully classmates, Later chosen by one of Four Magus Knight Device, The Element named Galestriker. United with other Magus Knight and Mage, Arashi starts his adventure to protect Entier from great danger.

Characters Edit

Protagonist Edit

Arashi of The Gale/ Arashi Fuurika

Is the main protagonist. A typical hot-blooded character, he's great in all sports, but not so great in terms of thinking straight. He's also somewhat awkward around the company of women. Out of that his kind-hearted nature made Galestriker chose him

Linda Zoldart

Main heroine of the series Daughter of Livann Zoldart, founder of the Haven Crusaders. Linda face similar with Fate, ironically Linda herself is an quick-tempered tomboy with torn jeans and a high aptitude for her device Alcionne.

Cern and Bel

Two familiar cats

Antagonist Edit

Genso Arukawa

Arashi's arch-rival, he's originally Mage from Mid-Childa before until he interested with Earth's science. Not only comes from Mid-Childa, where there are only highly developed alchemies and magics managed to adopt himself into the Earth science very quickly, even in Entier he managed to combine it with alchemies and magics. He also is an excellent alchemist, even has a higher amount of mana than high-ranked Mages and Magus Knights. As a result he successfully create one of powerful device, Gravzorn which later evolved to Neo Gravzorn.

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