Santa Sangre is a three-chapter doujinshi collection showcasing what happened 2 years after the Book of Darkness Incident.


  1. The protagonists from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's - Nanoha and Fate - were given personal lodgings on-board an TSAB ship. They are later given proper uniforms and joined in by Hayate. The girls excelled in their duties, but overtime, Nanoha perceives the toll Fate's has on her being. So she volunteers in place for one of Fate's mission, and takes Vita along. During the venture, Nanoha was caught off-guard and sustained serious injury. The chapter ends with Hayate (revealed to now able to walk on her own) relaying to Fate of what has occurred to their friend.
  2. The chapter begins with Fate and Hayate rushing towards the emergency room where Nanoha is being operated on. The Wolkenritter were already there, with Vita looking particularly anxious. As Fate and Hayate approached, Vita tried to apologize for what happened, but was promptly ignored by Fate, leading to the red-head crying in Hayate's arms.
  3. TBC

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