Sharis Altima is a character and antagonist first introduced in NANOHA Allstars. She is voiced by Rina Satō.


NANOHA AllstarsEdit

Sharis only appears in NANOHA Allstars so far, she was once to be a captain and a heroine in TSAB but due to her hungry for power and think TSAB didn't do justice, she left the TSAB and joined TRICELL for doing her "justice".


Sharis is a swordsmen, she is showed to be a very good swordsmen which is able on par with Signum.


  • Like other Nanoha characters, her surname were based on a car, Nissan Altima.
  • Like other Ancient Belkan user, she was called as "Knight Sharis" by the Saint Crunch members.
  • Sharis have a similar background with Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.

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