Trinity EW1
Experimental Weapon-1




Experimental air-launched cruise missile


Soviet Union, Non-management world 97th (Earth)


New Russian Federation

Trinity (Codenamed EW-1) is an experimental superweapon originally featured in Ace Combat: Assault Horizon.


Initially thought to be an ordinary thermobaric-warhead cruise missile, through an extensive intelligence gathering effort by TSAB it was revealed that the weapon, or at least its warhead was secretly developed by the Belkans who sold the technology to the former Soviet Union on non-management 97th world sometime before 0030. Later it was discovered the weapon was meant to be a prototype of a weapon of similar kind deployed during USEA conflict in 0054-0058. In 0070 TSAB intelligence reports also discovered that the Belkans are currently testing an even more devastating weapon - which very likely intended to be the ultimate version of the Trinity and MPBM used during the two previous wars on Earth.



An USAF pilot witnessing Trinity detonation, December 0030

Historical and military records reported the Trinity were used during two-months conflict against the New Russian Federation four years prior to Ulysses Disaster. It was first utilized by East African insurgents in late 0030 during a confrontation against a NATO task force stationed there. Following that incident (and the subsequent investigation by the NATO), the NRF reveal its presence to the international world by detonating another Trinity warhead on a nearby East African town several days later. Several months later, a Trinity missile was used against NATO-Russian Loyalist coalition forces shortly after the coalition managed to reclaim the city of Derbent from NRF's control.

January 15th 0031, another Trinity was deployed and destroyed most of Moscow's suburbs during NATO-Russian loyalist operation to liberate Moscow. Another Trinity attack was launched several hours later but NATO pilots successfully shot down the bomber carrying Trinity missile.

In the closing days of NRF uprising, NRF remnants brought the last known Trinity missile to attack the United States capital of Washington D.C. via Miami, in which the USAF pilots managed to prevent the last missile from hitting the White House thus ending the conflict.

No evidence of further Trinity deployment after the war, which may imply the weapon is no longer exists for good as soon as the war is over. However, reports indicated a similar weapon was also deployed albeit in very limited quantity during USEA conflict in 0054-0058.

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